The United Amends Project (UAP)

2020 - 2021 | Completed
Digital Platform + Social Community
Creative Direction | Digital Visualization | Graphics | Research

The United Amends Project (UAP) is a digital community and platform advocating for the social and economic well-being of Black Americans through analytical and anecdotal storytelling. Centering often under platformed economic factors, policy decisions, and historic records, UAP provides an introduction to necessary contexts through easily digestible slides, podcasts, and (digital) town-hall meetings.

The scope of this project began as an exercise in digital space making around sensitive topics often described as dense, unpleasant and even taboo within the confines of traditional spaces. Founded by designers rather than formal activists or politicians, the project elevated an exploration of context as the most important driving factor.  In analyzing the unique opportunities that digital communities could yield when properly leveraged, UAP eventually grew in scope, informally becoming the first project our collective partnered on. The unique approach to translate context graphically opened us up to opportunities to collaborate with Architects, State Directors of Epidemiology, Student Athletes, Data Scientists and more.