SXCO: The Sex Worker's Co-Op

2023 | Speculative
Washington, District of Columbia
Architecture | User Experience | Design Theory

The Sex Worker’s Co-Op (SXCO) is a speculative proposal sited at 1527 14th Street NW in Washington, DC, adjacent to the Whitman-Walker Health Center. SXCO champions the empowerment of sex workers through a pioneering space uniquely shaped by their input and desires. The building serves as a material advocate for sex worker rights. The project stands as DC’s missing link to normalized and safe sex work conditions. It additionally houses programs to support sex worker advocacy, sex worker rights, and sex worker empowerment.

This project is more than a building; it's a symbol of progress in the fight for responsible sex work decriminalization. It reflects the long-awaited legislative opportunities that empower sex workers, reshaping the city while boldly championing the rights of a community often marginalized, stigmatized, and endangered by societal judgments.